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Due to my emigration from the Netherlands to Brazil and my new work here, I'm having considerably less time to work on my CarPark. Yet I would prefer to keep the Park online. I hope you will understand that there will be no maintenance of the Park right now. The site just will stay online because it`s still being used.

This CarPark site will provide links of mainly Dutch and Belgian genealogical, cultural, historical, linguistical and topographical websites. Texts and information about the Netherlands and Belgium that might be relevant to non-Dutch speaking genealogists, will be available here too. Almost all links to the Dutch and Belgian pages that I have listed are for websites which are -at least partly- written in English.
For large, printable, historical maps and examples of old Dutch handwriting, you can visit the Warehouse site. You can find the link in the menu-bar above almost all pages in the CarPark.

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the vault

2 contemporary dutch painters
Nice gallery of two Dutch artists: oilpainting, watercolor's and drawings. Worth a visit.

eggen logo

Dutch landscapes and other
free work of the
Dutch painter, illustrator
Piet Eggen

photographs from the Netherlands


Gallery of the Netherlands.
Click the picture to visit this growing database of pictures of Dutch landscapes, townviews, mill's and rivers.
(Amateur) photographers daily provide this database of new photographs from all over the country. If you want to have your personal photo of any place in the Netherlands added to this database, just feel free to contact me

Introduction page of the CarPark


Gieten, pool with cows
photograph: pool at Gieten,prov. of Drente, by Bram van der Westen, 2005
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Find all about the Netherlands -and more- in





Persons, researchers who want professional help for historical and/or genealogical research in the Netherlands, basic or extensive look-ups in (specialized)  libraries or archives should definitely visit the  'Dutch Archives historical research bureau'. This excellent, professional site is in Dutch and English. The leader of this bureau -situated in Leiden- is highly qualified: visit the site to get an idea!
Click here if you want to know all about real Dutch food, customs,national character, folktales and legends ! Another site which I can recommend to stay in touch with Dutch culture, genealogy and all kinds of Dutch information is the Dutch Heritage site.
For a cheap yet comfortable way to stay a few days in the Netherlands please visit the Bed & Breakfast section on this page.
If you want to know a bit more about the pronunciation of Dutch vowels, consonants, diftongues and triphtongues, go to the the "Uitspraak"-page ('uitspraak' = pronunciation) on this site.

To find detailled information about any country of your choice, please visit the Country Studies site of the Federal Research Division of the Library of Congress.

Last bnl: to be kept informed about Dutch news and historical, social and cultural info I can recommend Radio Netherlands Worldbroadcast.


Map of the Benelux (=Belgium, the Netherlands and Luxembourg) for genealogists

map of the benelux and surroundings More information about French Flanders More information about Land of Cleves
The 12 Dutch provinces

 the 12 dutch provinces

Most used and standarized abbreviations of the Dutch provinces

GR = Groningen
= Friesland
. = Drenthe
= Overijssel
= Flevoland
= Gelderland
= Utrecht
= Noord-Holland
ZH = Zuid-Holland
= Zeeland
= Noord-Brabant
= Limburg

Iso Country Codes
Streetmaps of Dutch towns and villages (still growing)
Clickable satellite-image of the Netherlands
Maps of the Netherlands
Metapos: lists all 496 municipalities (as of 1-1-2002) and 7000 place-names in The Netherlands


Main Dutch, Belgian and Luxembourgian regions 

regions of the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg

Topographical and thematical maps of
Belgium and the Netherlands

low- and high netherlands

Virtual Groningen. Some nice panorama's
[Need Quicktime to view this site.
Download here]
Maps of Belgium and BrusselsBasic map of Friesland, showing all municipalities, towns and villages [Clickable: clicking a village brings you to the website of this village]Basic map of the province of UtrechtNice clickable map of the province of Gelderland. [Site's also providing a load of statistical data: unfortunately in Dutch]

Fine map of the province of Utrecht.[Click on the map and on the next page on 'Doorgaan" (Go on). Unfortunately in Dutch but a fine zoomable detailed map]

Fine map of Amsterdam with streetfinding functionClickable satellite-map of the Netherlands with zoom-functionsDownloadable map of the Netherlands in many formats (Gif, Jpeg, EPS, PDF, Tiff and WMF)Bruges and surrounding area. [Very simple map]The Netherlands by satellite. [Nice zoomable map of the Netherlands, divided in sections]Satellite pictures of 22 Dutch towns
Info about towns and regions in Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands
The Netherlands
Provinces and Regions
Provinces and Regions
Provinces and Regions

Netherlands Guide: overview of all Dutch provincesProvince of GroningenProvince of Friesland
(sometimes slow loading page)
The digital region Friesland Province of DrentheProvince of OverijsselProv. of GelderlandProvince of Utrecht

Province of Noord-Holland

South Zuid- Holland

Province of ZeelandProvince of Noord-BrabantProvince of Limburg


Municipalities, districts (arrondissementen) and provinces of Belgium

Province of AntwerpProvince of West FlandersProvince of East FlandersProvince of LimburgProvince of HainautProvince of Walloon BrabantProvince of NamurProvince of LuxembourgProvince of Liege




Luxembourg regions and townsDirectory of regions and cities in Luxembourg



The Krimpenerwaard: area between Gouda, Utrecht and RotterdamDeltaworks online: Zeeland
Towns and villages
Towns and villages
Towns and villages

Good map of Amsterdam Amsterdam Info AmsterdamAbout the Hague City of Groningen Municipality of the Hague

Ghent Online
(till now: Dutch only)Watten, French Flanders Brussels, Capital Region HomepageHasselt Clickable map of Belgian citiesAntwerp, digital metropolis

Hondschoote French Flanders

Luxembourg City mapMajor cities of Luxembourg


Utrecht (city)Municipality of DordrechtOld Dutch CitiesDigital City of GoudaAmsterdam, city of bridges
City of Amsterdam online
The Rotterdam virtual tour

Village of Oude Pekela, Groningen

The HagueMunicipality of Enschede The Utrecht ChannelMunicipality of Ede (Gelderlands)

smsterda, HQ
Anything you want to know about Amsterdam!

Digital village Midwolda (prov. of Groningen) Informative! Topografie Nederland. Links to almost all municipality-sites of the NetherlandsMunicipality of Elburg (province of Gelderland)Dordrecht, oldest city of the NetherlandsAbout Dordrecht

Photo-gallery's of the Netherlands and Belgium

Growing database of photograph's of the Netherlands.Raym's Photosite. Lots of beautiful pictures of Dutch-and Belgian landscapes, castles and townsPictures of Holland. A load of very nice pictures of Dutch cities and landscapes Railtracking: walking along abandoned railroads

Henk Kuiper Fotografie: photo's of Holland Recommended

Photograph's of Netherland: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, the Hague, Delft, Gouda, Haarlem and many more...Belgiumview. Highly recommended

Belgium Photo's. Very nice

The Netherlands and FlandersThe city of GroningenNetherlands Photos

Pictures of all municipalities in Groningen

Vandaaggezien (Seen today) great weblog with a new picture every day. Highly recommendedHistorical Churches in the provinces Friesland,Groningen and Drente Very nice illustrations and photographs. Partly in DutchReligious architecture in the province of Noord-HollandRob's Fotosite: the NetherlandsFoto's van Belgie: Antwerp and BrusselsArchives PhotoMediaService:the NetherlandsStationsweb. Largest collection of old and new railway-stationsPictures of LuxembourgPhotomediaservice: Photo's of the NetherlandsImages of the NetherlandsThe Dutch Wadden-islesHolland-Cards


Historical photographs

Foto album Noord: very large collection of photograph's from the provinces of Groningen, Friesland and DrenteEarly Photography 1839-1860. Collection of the Rijksmuseum, Leiden, the Netherlands

Old Groningen Town

Old picture postcards of the Westland region in the province of South Holland [Dutch, but easy to navigate]

Nationaal Archief. Beeldbank. 500.000 photographs from ALL over the Netherlands taken between 1880-1990. [Site is in Dutch, but it's ever so simple to use and play with. For instance: type in 'klederdrachten' ( regional dresses) and hit the search bottom!]
Dutch and Belgian Old Churches& Church-towers

The Oude Kerk at Amsterdam

Domkerk Utrecht (in Dutch, but in-depth history part in English)

Middelburg Abbey and church Lange Jan

Oude Kerk Delft

De Geertekerk: Remonstrant Church at UtrechtThe Church of St.Boniface, AntwerpBrussels, Churches

Sint-Bavo church Haarlem
Sint-Bavo Haarlem


Westerkerk AmsterdamGrote Kerk (aka Onze Lieve Vrouwekerk) DordrechtArchimon: The virtual museum of religious architecture in the NetherlandsCarillon Art in the Low CountryAmsterdam churchesHistorical churches of AntwerpAntwerp: Churches and TourismHistorical churches in BrusselsTournai, Our Lady's cathedral

Church of Saint Boniface, Dokkum
(Dutch only)


List of municipalities and streetmaps
The Netherlands
Streetmaps of Dutch towns and villages (still growing)
Clickable map of Belgium, comfortably listing all Belgian regions, communities and the adminastrive divisions

Clickable map of the Netherlands, comfortably listing all Dutch municipalities

Placenames in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Belgian placenames, districts and provinces
(not a dead link, but sometimes 'times-out')

Metapos: lists all 496 municipalities (as of 1-1-2002) and 7000 place-names in The Netherlands
Belgian cities and municipalities (oui...French)

Streetmaps of Dutch towns and villages (still growing)

Detailed printable Street map of Amsterdam

Clickable map of all Dutch municipalities(and flags)

Streetfinder Belgium

Luxemburg Place names

Route-planner Belgium [Unfortunately Dutch/French only]

Regions of France. Very helpful interactive map of all French regions and departements
Europe Streetmaps
Ananzi Roadmaps


Dutch Diplomatic Missions all over the World
BeNeLux Diplomatic Missions
US Diplomatic Missions

Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs Federal Public Service Foreign Affairs BelgiumDiplomatic Missions of the NetherlandsLuxembourg Embassy and Consulate in Washington

Embassy of the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, Washington, DC

U.S Embassy the Hague, NetherlandsUnited States Embassy in Belgium United States Embassy to Luxembourg US Mission Germany


Foreign Embasies in the BeNeLux

Foreign Embassies in Belgium

Portal foreign Missions in the Netherlands
(in Dutch, but easy to use)


Simple list of Dutch-English words and phrases

This is not a genealogical wordlist; there's at least one I already know of. Go to the genealogy-page or the relations -page to find a site and information to that purpose.
This is a list of frequently used words you might find on Dutch web-sites, like for instance search-machines. (Please mail me when you find something I didn't mention).

Advanced; extensive
Geavanceerd; uitgebreid
Apply, to/ application
Aanmelden / aanmelding
Archive; records
Book of reference
Capital; town; city
Catchword, entry, head word
Choose; select / Choice; selection
Kies / Keuze
Command to search
Confirm, to/ confirm
Bevestigen / bevestig
Consult, to/ consult
Raadplegen / raadpleeg
Cost (noun, plural)
Naar beneden
Explanation; declaration
Find, to
General (search)
Algemeen (zoeken)
Given name
Go back
Terug; ga terug
Go on
Go to
Ga naar
Letter; character
Link to...
Link naar...
Mandatory / obligatory
Municipal Archive
Municipality / Municipal
Gemeente / Gemeentelijk
Next (page)
Volgende (pagina)
Note/ remark
Order, to / order
Bestellen / bestel
Overview, outline, summary
Overzicht, inhoud
Region / Area
Streek / Gebied
Regional Archive
Regional history and geography
Register; index
Search engine
Search, to / to look for
Zoeken, opzoeken
Search; look up
Select, to / Selection
Selecteren / Selectie
Specific search
Gericht (zoeken)
Begin (pagina)
State archive; records
Street guide
Subscribe, to / subscription
Towns, villages, hamlets / plaatsen
Town- hall
Gemeentehuis, stadhuis
Naar boven; omhoog
What is...?
Wat is...?


The 10 Belgian provinces and the
Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

10 belgian provinces


Mind the difference between the Belgian province of Luxembourg and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg. Also note that both Belgium and the Netherlands have provinces with identical names: Limburg and Brabant (although in the Netherlands the province of Brabant is called Noord-Brabant officially). To complicate things even further: there has been a 'Grafschaft Limburg' (County of Limburg) in Germany (not to be confused with the town of Limburg, NE of Frankfurt at the Mainz)!

Interactive map of BelgiumLarge map of Belgium with municipalities, districts and provincesBelgium: overviewTowns and villages in Luxembourg

French-Dutch list of Wallonian places


Most used and standarized abbreviations of the Belgian provinces

AN = Antwerpen
BR = Brabant
HA = Hainaut (Henegouwen)
LG = Liège (Luik)
LB = Limburg
LX = Luxembourg (Luxemburg)
NA = Namur (Namen)
OV = Oost Vlaanderen
WV = West Vlaanderen


French Flanders
French Flanders
Toponymic Lexicon of French Flanders
Go to my French Flanders page for more (historical) information


White- and YellowPages and City Codes

Dutch White PagesDutch Yellow PagesCity Codes in the Belgium Belgium Yellow Pages City Codes Belgium

German Telephone (name AND town required)German Person Finder. Also telephone guide which can be used with input of a name White Pages Switzerland

Sweden White Pages


Looking for places?
General / Netherlands
Germany / Central Europe

Finding Dutch places and municipalitiesStreetmaps of Dutch towns and villages (still growing)

National Geographic: the Netherlands
Administrative Units of Countries and their Codes Maps of the Netherlands (19th century)Great

Old and new toponyms in Belgium, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and France
(not a dead link, but sometimes 'times-out')

JewishGen ShtetlSeekr (Central Europe) Find villages and towns in Eastprussia, including Memel, Westprussia, Brandenburg, Posen, Pommerania, and Silesia. All presented with name- changes!
(link isn't dead but often hard to get)
Find places in Germany and former German territory [in German but selfexplanatory]All you want to know about Germany, including maps.


The Dutch searchable aerial stock photo database


French towns, cities and regionsTowns and villages of France (French)

Clickable map of France

Belgium / Luxembourg
An Index to French Regions,
Départements & Cities

Belgian Cities and Towns Belgian Municipalities since 1831

Map Luxemburg


Dutch/Flemish Internet Resources
(in English)

NACEE. Netherlands America Commission for Educational Exchange
The NACEE provides information on study, research and internships in the United States of America and promotes the exchange of students, scholars and teachers between the Netherlands and the United States.

Facts & figures about Belgium, Luxembourg and
the Netherlands
About the Dutch Government:
what the Government consists of and
how the Government works

Political Country Information the NetherlandsFact sheet on the NetherlandsNational Geographic: the NetherlandsNis News Bulletin.
The English voice of the Netherlands news agency ANP
Expatica-Living in, moving to, or working in the Netherlands, plus Dutch news in English CIA Factbook of the Netherlands Statistics Netherlands; key figures
CBS Statline ( the central database of Statistics Netherlands)Tweede Kamer der Staten-Generaal (House of Representatives of the States General)

Eerste Kamer der Staten-Generaal (The Senate)

An introduction to Belgium

National Geographic: about Belgium

Belgium Categorized Website A-ZCIA Factbook of BelgiumBelgium-Regions and Art CitiesConstitution of BelgiumBelgium Travel GuideHistory of the Belgian RoyaltyThe Belgian GovernmentBelgian Contacts

Belgium Government

Radio Netherlands WorldbroadcastThe Incomplete Guide to the Dutch Language and CultureConstitution of the Netherlands Dutch News Headlines Dutch ABC (Lots of info on The Netherlands)The Dutch Royal House

Moving to the Netherlands. A guide from the Dutch customs

Flemish Brabant ProvinceFlemish questionsBelgium: OverviewBelgium, calendar of events Belgium: internet resourcesMapZones: Profile of Belgium

Expatica- Living in, moving to or working in Belgium, plus Belgian news in English

Geography of the NetherlandsMapZones: Country profile of the NetherlandsNetherlands Government

The Netherlands Interdisciplinary Demographic Institute NIDI

National Geographic: Luxembourg

Polders and dikes of the Netherlands The NetherlandsDutch National- and Provincial Hymn's. (In Dutch 'Wilhelmus' and Provinciale volksliederen. With text and simple sound)Flags of the World: the Kingdom of the Netherlands Search Systems. Searchable Dutch DatabasesEarthshot Zuiderzee/IJsselmeer

Nation Statistics about all countries of the world (incl. the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg...)

Cia, the World Factbook of LuxembourgThe Luxembourg ConstitutionLuxembourg in a nutshellLuxembourg CentralLuxembourg in a NutshellThe Grand Duchy of Luxembourg: informationLuxembourg: internet resources

MapZones: Profile of Luxembourg

The Netherlands: internet resourcesRadio Netherlands: Current is a project by Roundabout that gives a frequent update of the latest Dutch news in general and on business related items for English speaking people. Netherland AntillesThe Hague, Justice Portal

The IJsselmeer- (former Zuiderzee) and Afsluitdijk- history

Suriname (former Dutch colony)


The Belgian & Dutch Education Systems

The Information Database on education systems in Europe

The Information Database on education systems in Europe: the Netherlands

Visual representation of a part of the Dutch education system with their France, German, UK and USA equivalents

Information Dossier on the Dutch Education System 2001-Eurydice.
the vault
Clicking the picture above will bring you to a page where you can download the file directly


Traffic- and travel information

Dutch Railways
website of the Netherlands Railways. Here you can find travel information, information regarding (additional) services, ticket offers, how to book tickets, payment methods, seat reservation, useful adresses, on board service and travelling in general.
Amsterdam Schiphol Airport
Amsterdam Airport ShuttleLinks+ Rechts der Autobahn. Interactive German site with English help-texts.Travel guide and detailed roadmaps, including carefully selected hotels and inns located close to the motorway. Also included are all mortor-way restaurants and filling stations(with total distance in km) as well as sightseeing, local tours and holiday recommendations

Guidor.Organization for qualified national guides in the Netherlands and has been providing professional guiding services to touroperators and business companies since 1957.

The Belgian RailwaysBelgian Airlines and AirportsLuxembourg AirportLuxembourg Railways(French)Euro Railways. The easiest way to discover EuropeFXConverter (Foreign Exchange Currency Converter) A multi-lingual Currency Converter with up to date exchange rates provided from leading market data contributors and filtered for validityAmsterdam Subway Navigation
Amsterdam Metro (Tube) mapAmsterdam Transport SiteTravel guides for tourists with disabilities
{From the European Commission)

Flanders, from WIKI-travel


Tourism and accomodation in the Netherlands and Belgium
stavoren harbor
Stavoren in the prov. of Friesland
Photo by Sijbren Sijtsma

Netherlands Board of Tourism Tourism, recreation, culture, leisure time and National Search

The Rozylowicz Family travels the Netherlands

Amsterdam Hotspots

Hotels and hotel reservations by, travel, lodgings and discount hotels worldwide. Instant reservations at 100,000 hotels in 17,000 locations

Luxembourg Tourist Office

Windmills of Groningen (Dutch. Click on '83 molens in Groningen in the menu on the left).

TIMS. Links to mills in the Netherlands

A visit to Delft

Welcome in Domburg (prov. of Zeeland)


Kinderdijk. World Heritage Mills

World Travel Guide the Netherlands

Amsterdam guide, Tourist information, accomodation, hotels and apartments Tourism, Culture,
Recreation & Leisure time






Easy & secure online booking engine
for hotels in Amsterdam. Our special rates offer great value on both budget and luxury accommodation. Plus an ever growing Amsterdam travel guide with great vacation ideas including popular attractions, tours, museums and entertainment information

EASY TO BOOK. Amsterdam Hotels.
Efficiently book your hotel in Amsterdam, the Hague, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Zaandam or Zwanenburg. We offer up to 75% discount on Amsterdam Hotels.

Holland Hotel Specials. Find your hotel anywhere in the Netherlands easily on a map. Good hotels in all price-ranges

Your online resource for Best Western!

Weekendhotel.NL. Browse Belgium and the Netherlands by province for good hotels

Amsterdam Accomodation & reservation

Brussels Hot Travel Hotels
Best Brussels hotels guide and online reservations.

Hotels in Belgium

The Belgian Coast

Visit Flanders

Pictures of the Netherlands (scroll down)

Netherland Castles


Interactive map of Brussels

Tourist information town of Groningen

Woodenshoes, clogs or klompen...

Clickable map of Belgium [Touristic]

Castles and manors in the province of Overijssel

Belgian Hotels

Amsterdam Hot Travel Hotels
Best Amsterdam hotels guide and online reservations.

HotelsCom the Netherlands

Find hotels and touristic information in any Dutch town or villages

Amsterdam Hotel Specials.

Grand Place Hotels Brussels
Book Brussels Grand Place hotels at discount rates, check availability and book instantly
at low rates. Brussels map and hotel details to help you chose the best value
hotels in and around the central Grand Place location.

Zierikzee: The Town Untouched By Time

The Dutch Windmill Database

The Mills database

Enjoying life in the Northern Netherlands



Brugge Hotels Belgium
Book central Brugge hotels at discount rates, check availability and book instantly. Simple Brugge city map and hotel details to help you chose the best value hotels in and around the city centre of Brugge

All Hotels in Antwerp
Hotel information and fast discount online booking in Antwerp, Belgium.

All Hotels in Brussels
Hotel information and fast discount online booking in Brussels, Belgium

Youth-hostels, low-budget and more...
Bed & Breakfast in the Netherlands

Hostels of Europe. Fine interactive site. Network of Independent Hostels & Quality Budget Accommodation for Backpackers, Students, Families, and Budget Travellers, in Europe.
[ offers the possibility to stay the night throughout the Netherlands on ships]

Belgian Youth Hostels

Campings Belgium

Flemish Youth Hostels



Bed and Breakfast adressen in Nederland
a listing by town, giving a traveling visitor a wealth of information, including a listing of Dutch B&B's

The Netherlands (Holland) Bed & Breakfast Guid

The Belgian Bed & Breakfast Guide

The BNB Guide Book. An online

Bed&Breakfast guide

Bed&Breakfast. Laudehuus, Westerwolde,
prov. of Groningen

Fijn op Reis. B&B in Nederland. [Site is in Dutch, but easy to navigate and providing quite some addresses]

Bed&Breakfast in Belgium

Camping HQ: Campings in the Netherlands
Odd, rare expensive but beautiful...

Lifeboat, Lighthouse, Harbor Crane accomodation in the port of Harlingen, province of Friesland. Very exclusive...





Dutch Farmholiday Buro

Campings and guesthouses at the country
[in Dutch only]

Countryside accomodation in the province of
[partly Dutch]

Vandriessen Bed & Breakfast at the countryside, Belgium


Center Parcs

Landal Green Parks


Dutch- and Belgian dog-breeds

The 'Staby(houn)'(Frisian Pointing Dog)
A Frisian breed, beautiful dog
Another 'Stabyhoun' pageDutch (Frisian) 'Wetterhoun' (Water Dog)The 'Smoushound'
The 'Smoushound' 2 (in Dutch only)The 'Drentse Patrijshond'.[I had one for 13 years: most lovely kind of dog I ever had]Dutch 'Sheperd'The Dutch 'Saarlooswolfhond''Flemish Bouvier' (Bouvier de Flandres)The old Dutch dog 'Markieske', reintroduced again (page in Dutch only) The Dutch 'Schapendoes' dogBelgian 'Schipperke'


A Dutch Race, not official but wellknown on many farms in the Netherlands. Looks like a Long-legged Jack Russel. Below is Beau, my 8 year old Boerenfox, good friend and rat-killer...
The Boerenfox-site (Dutch only)
beau. farmer's fox


Belgian 'Tervuren' SheepdogBelgian 'Griffon'

Dutch Decoi Dog ('Kooikerhond')
Dutch 'Kooikerhond'

The Dutch Keeshond

Belgian 'Groenendael' SheepdogBelgian 'Laekenois' Sheepdog

Belgian 'Sheepdog Malinois'


Museums in the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium
Art & Various

The Low countries History Museum

The Dutch Fortress Museum, Naarden

Castle-Museum Sypesteyn, Nieuw-Loosdrecht (Utrecht)

Municipal Museum 'De Lakenhal', Leiden (Laken = Cloth)

nicolien hobertjob rabbelier
Two contemporary Dutch artists

Dutch National Museum of Coins and

Museum Catharijne convent in Utrecht

Dutch landscapes and other free work
of the
Dutch painter, illustrator
Piet Eggen

The Siebold House Foundation. Netherlands' official Japan Centre, Leiden Listing of the addresses of all Dutch Maritime Museums

Museum Plantin-Moretus, Antwerp

Veenkoloniaal Museum (The Groningen peat-district)

Shipping Museum Antwerp

Jewish Historical Museum

Dutch Museums On the Web

Museums in Brussels

Utrecht Centraal Museum

Belgian Guide for Museums

National Musium of Ethnology

Mondriaanhuis Foundation

Anne Frank House

Dutch Cheese Museum
Broek op Langedijk auctioning Museum
Drents Museum
Teylers Museum
Castle-Museum Sypesteyn
The Old Church Amsterdam
Museum Slot Zuylen
Rubens House Museum, Antwerp
Museum van Loon, Amsterdam
Museum Amstelkring
Museum De Stratemakerstoren, Nijmegen
The National Museum
'from Musical Clock to Street Organ'
Museum for old techniques, Grimbergen, Belgium
Van Gogh Museum
Royal Army and Military History Museum, Brussels
Groningen Museum of Arts
Museums of geology, archeology and history in Luxembourg
Museums in Amsterdam
Museum Kura Hulanda, Willemstad, Curacao
Museum Rembrandthuis
Breda's Museum (Culture, history and art of the town of Breda, Noord-Brabant)
Brouwershuis, Antwerp
Armymuseum Delft
Louvain Museum
Antwerp Museum of Folklore
Paintings in the Low Countries
Museum Brewers' House Antwerp
Windmills Museum, Koog aan de Zaan, the Netherlands

Municipal MuseumLeiden

Paintings of Vermeer

Clog Museum, Eelde (prov. of Drenthe)

Museum Bredius, The Hague(Paintings, drawings, porcelain and silver)

Antwerp Municipal Print Room

Royal Tropical Institute, Amsterdam

Royal Dutch Mint (Utrecht) - browse the Keyword Map of


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NB: SUPPORT WHILE YOU READ! A very comfortable way to support projects in Africa is by reading the socially engaged detective novels of the Swedish author Henning Mankell. His books are translated into 22 languages so he's pretty financially independent. Large part of his income is donated to projects in Africa.
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