Title: Heerenveen, Crackstate
Caption: Heerenveen [prov.of Friesland] Crackstate (=estate of the Crack family) at Heerenveen. From 1952 in use as the town-hall of the municipality of Heerenveen. House was built by Johannes Sytzes Crack in 1648 at the spot of the place where his forefather had built the old Crackstate. Up to 1833 this house was the residence of the Crack family. From 1833 the house became a public building,used as a court-house. A small prison was built at the back of the Crackstate. In WW2 the Germans used the prison during theri Terror. Grandfather of the photographer was executed by the German SD just a few hours before the Canadian troops reached the town of Heerenveen. Photo by Sijbren Sijtsma, summer 2005. Voigtländer Vitoret L. [1/300 - f 11]
Copyright: Sijbren Sijtsma


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