Title: Balk, Cafe 't Swaentje
Caption: Balk [prov. of Friesland] Tavern 't Swaentje (the Swan). Built in 1677 as a normal house with a tavern, called 'Den Witte Swaen' (the White Swan). Still in use as a tavern. In the 19th century there was a lot of alcohol-abuse. Not so strange, because as a rule the weekly wages of the agricultural labourers were paid normally in the taverns!
(Well, since these times of modern -internet-banking, the abuse of alcohol and other drugs didn't change too much...) Photo made by Sijbren Sijtsma with a Beirette VSN with Meritar 2.8 / 45
on 125 iso b&w.

Copyright: Sijbren Sijtsma


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