Title: Ysbrechtum, American Windmill, aka Windmotor
Caption: Ysbrechtum [prov.of Friesland] American Windmotor (or Windmolen) at the hamlet of Ysbrechtum, close to the town of Sneek. American Windmills were introduced in the Netherlands, 1920. It's a relatively, cheap type which can be handled and serviced by 1 farmer himself. After 1920 many traditional wooden watermills were replaced by American Windmotors. From the about 1000 American Windmoters in the Netherlands most were to be found in Friesland. At this moment about 50 survived: most of them now are protected by law. Photo by Sijbren Sijtsma, summer 2004. Exa IIb with Domiplan 2.8/50 [1/250 - f 11]
Copyright: Sijbren Sijtsma


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